Monday, October 12, 2009

Loralai's Prayer

Tonight at bedtime, I put both kids in Tyler's bed to talk about the best and worst parts of the day and then to say a prayer before they go to sleep. Loralai's best part of the day was: "Going to McDonald's and making caramel popcorn". Tyler's best part of the day was: "Going to McDonald's, making caramel popcorn, and playing XBOX football". For the worst part of the day, they both said, "I was tired this morning when I got out of bed", that sounds really awful.

I asked who wanted to say the prayer tonight, and Loralai said she wanted to. This was Loralai's first time to say the prayer, she usually prefers Tyler, me, or Drew to say it. This was Loralai's prayer:

"Dear God,

Thanks for my Tyler and my mommy and daddy. Thanks for the moon and stars and milky way. Thanks for all the planets and grass and trees. I like to hear the birds and see them fly in the sky. When my tummy growls I like the food I eat. I like to play outside and sing. I love Jesus and I'm glad he is in my heart to hug me. Thank you for my friends everywhere. Jesus name, Amen"

It was so sweet and honest, I just loved her sweet little prayer!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Labor day at Nana and Papa's

The kids and I spent labor day weekend at my parents in Coppell. The kids had a fabulous time, they love going to "Nana and Papa's" house. We spent Friday at the Ft. Worth zoo, the picture directly above is of Loralai waving to the "big fat monkey" as Loralai called him...or what some zoo experts refer to as the chimpanzee. We went into the bird cage where you could feed the birds with a seed stick. In the picture third from the top, Tyler is feeding a group of birds. We called him the bird whisperer since they all seemed to swarm around him. They swarmed around Loralai too, although she wasn't so crazy about it. She wanted to feed the birds, just didn't want them so close. She giggled at first, then ran straight to Nana and let her finish the feeding. On Saturday we went to the mall and afterwards Tyler played catch with Papa and Jeff...a lot. They would play for an hour, come back in. Then an hour later, they'd be back outside playing catch. On Sunday we went swimming at the aquatic center in Coppell, the kids always look forward to that. We came back home on Monday, so it was a quick trip but lots of fun. I was able to see several high school friends as well, so it was a nice little vacation at the start of the new school year.


Tyler is into the fall season of t-ball, although I'm not sure why they call it that since they encourage the players to hit the pitches from the coach. Drew and I both decided that he needed to take a break from head coach, so he is the assistant this season. He loves being the assistant so much he probably won't go back to head coach! MUCH less responsibility. He is able to stand behind the players when they bat and help them get into the right position and stance. Tyler absolutely loves baseball. He is the first baseman on the Cubs this season. He practices three times a week with the team and plays one game a week. At first I thought this was a little extreme, but for a child who loves baseball and wants to play all the time, it's great. On the days he doesn't play with the team, he practices in the backyard. When he isn't practicing in the backyard or doing homework or eating, he is wanting to play baseball on the XBOX. He watches sportscenter before he goes to bed, he knows the players and some of their stats. He is a baseball junkie right now....last year he was a star wars junkie, so I wonder what he will be obsessed with next year. I LOVE watching him play...previous seasons he has asked me to be quiet and not yell so much. This season he wants me to yell more, and he is big on giving me the thumbs up from first base, it is so cute. Loralai cheers so loud for Tyler, it is so sweet. Loralai yells, "Go Tyler! I love you sooooo much!" Tyler kind of laughs and looks around at his friends and then gives me a look to tell Loralai to cool it with the I love yous.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Tybee Island

We just returned from our first vacation as a family to a beach. Tyler had been asking for a couple of years now to go see a beach, so naturally Loralai had started chiming in as well. So we decided Tybee Island was a good choice since it is only 5 hours from Atlanta and is known to be a family friendly destination. It was a quick trip, just Monday-Wednesday, but perfect for our first time visiting the island. We arrived Monday around 2 pm and right after checking into our hotel we put our swimsuits on and started walking to the beach. The hotel was really close, just about a block from the beach so it wasn't a long walk. We played for about 30 minutes and then we heard a loud thunder boom and saw lightning...then it started pouring down rain. We gathered everything up, then ran back to the hotel. It ended up raining the entire night, flash flood warnings and all. So plan B: we asked the hotel attendant where the best seafood place was and she told us about a place called The Crab Shack. We loaded up in the van, drove slowly, and arrived at The Crab Shack. It was wonderful, we had shrimp, crab cakes, sausauge, potatoes. And my favorite part of the restaurant was that the center of the table had a whole cut out with a trash can below so you could clean up after yourself....very handy when two very messy children are peeling shrimp! Our waiter let us know that had the weather not been so bad, we probably wouldn't have been able to get a table due to how busy they usually are in good weather. We wouldn't have waited.

The next day, the sun was out and no rain in site. We woke up early, spent a few hours at the beach. Buried Tyler in the sand, then Loralai, and finally Drew....I then read a book. Ha, ha yeah right, but I did bury everyone in the sand (legs only, I was a little paranoid about doing more than that). We played frisbee on the beach, turns out Tyler is pretty good at throwing and catching the frisbee. Loralai loved building sand castles and sitting at the shore letting the water come up to her little feet. Tyler loved crashing and riding the waves with me and Drew. He also loved co
llecting shells and Loralai loved throwing them back into the water when he wasn't looking. Then we went to the hotel pool to "clean off", had lunch, then back to the beach. We are definitely beach bums, I love just hanging out around the water and sand. We ate at a local pizza joint that was really good and had homemade ice cream that to me tasted like Edy's, but that's okay. Our final day was spent at the beach and pool again, then home. It was a nice, relaxing vacation. I enjoyed not having any plans, just hanging out was nice.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Favorites age 6 and 2

We just spent two weeks in Texas visiting my parents and brother. We had a great time and while we were there my kids experienced their first tornado warning. We got into the interior hallway of the house and waited to see if we needed to go into the interior bathroom. The tornado missed Coppell, so we ended up just waiting in the hallway until the wind calmed down. The wind did tear up two of the trees at my parents house and messed up my dad's garden. I had told Tyler that if we had to go into the bathroom that we would lay on top of the kids to protect them. He thought that meant that Loralai would be on the bottom then Tyler, me, and Drew on top. So just a couple of days ago we had a lightening storm in GA and Tyler told me that if a tornado comes, he doesn't want Loralai to get hurt, he will lay on the bottom. He said, "I don't care if I get hurt, but if Loralai got hurt I would be really upset" He is such a sweet boy. I assured him we wouldn't squash them.

Here are a list of their current favorites:


Favorite color: light red
Favorite food: burritos
Favorite cartoon: Spongebob Squarepants, Phineas and Ferb
Favorite movie: Sandlot, Back to the Future
Favorite song: Right Round - Flo Rida
Favorite toys: Star Wars, Wii Sports, Wii Rockband
Favorite book: Go Dog Go - Dr. Seuss, The Foot Book - Dr. Seuss, Star Wars early readers
Favorite game: baseball, baseball, and more baseball!
Favorite clothes: Tyler only wants to wear "workout clothes"(that's what he calls them). I can only get him to wear collar shirts and nice shorts to church.


Favorite color: Pink
Favorite food: popsicles. she likes chicken nuggets and hamburgers when she can't have popsicles
Favorite cartoon: Caillou, Blue's Clues, Max & Ruby
Favorite movie: The Little Mermaid, Dumbo
Favorite song: Popular - Wicked soundtrack, Take a Chance on Me - ABBA, Don't Stop Believin - Glee Cast's really her favorite! We just have similar taste in music!
Favorite toys: dolls and anything to do with caring for her baby dolls. Also cell phones and purses.
Favorite book: A Cuddle for Little Duck, The Princess Book, Mother Goose's Nursery Rhyme Book
Favorite game: baseball with Tyler, kicking soccer ball around
Favorite clothes: pink usually, whatever she decides for the day. Loralai is very picky about what she wears with what shoes and jewelry. She becomes very unhappy if I disagree with her!

Loralai is at an age where she thinks Tyler is the most wonderful person in the world. I know this won't last forever, but it is so cute right now. Today during lunch it had been quite for about 10 seconds which seems like a long time in our family and Loralai looked at Tyler and said, "Tyler you are my best friend and brother". Drew and I were telling her how sweet she was when Tyler said, "My best friend is Kadin". Loralai didn't seem to mind or even get it thankfully!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Naked Lady

I am recording this story because it is so funny and I don't want to forget it. When we ask Tyler about his day we usually get the response of "Fine" or "I don't know". Occasionally Tyler will just start to talk and tell us stories and when he does Drew and I really listen since he normally doesn't give us a lot of information on his day at school. This was two nights ago, we just finished supper and were sitting in the living room and Tyler just started talking, without stopping to take a break. Here's how his story went:


"Today on the bus home from school I was talking to my friend...he's in like 2nd or 3rd grade I don't know, and he went to a beach over spring break in another country. Like Mexico or Canada or something. He said he was in the pool and there was a naked lady in the pool. He said she was a mom lady with real boobs, not flat ones. He said he kept following her and his dad would tell him to leave her alone and stay with him. He said she fell asleep in the pool and was just floating around and when his dad wasn't looking he swam over and touched her head. (ha, ha he is laughing pretty hard now). He said he tried to touch her back but she woke up and he swam away really quick."

(speechless, turned around trying to keep it together but laughing)

(speechless as well, but unable to hide it my mouth is open and my eyes have that stunned glazed look)

"What? It's okay mom, it wasn't like a real girl she was a mom lady. When we go to the beach this summer will there be any naked ladies there? I mean mom naked ladies?"

At this point I explained a few things to Tyler with Drew's help, but I won't get into that. I can't wait to tell him this story when he's married to a mom lady.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Today the kids had an easter egg hunt at church and had a lot of fun with that. There were over 400 eggs and the kids were split up per age group. Loralai was in the 3 and under group while Tyler was in the 4-6 group. Unfortunately, I couldn't be with Tyler while he was hunting for eggs but he seemed to do pretty well...all the kids did really since there were so many eggs! It was fun to watch Loralai hunt for eggs. She seemed to get right away what she was supposed to do. She wasn't as aggressive about it as Tyler was at this age, but she didn't shy away either. The only pictures I was able to get of Tyler after the egg hunt was of him sitting down by his basket of eggs. He stayed there for about 15 minutes until we left. I thought he felt sick, but he told me he was keeping watch over his eggs, he didn't want anyone taking them!
After lunch we came home and played with bubbles outside that the easter bunny left in their baskets. We also flew a kite which turned out to be funnier than intended. Watching Drew fly the kite combined with Loralai crying to hold the kite and Tyler kept getting caught in the kite string...Drew was getting so was so funny!
Loralai has now crashed after the sugar high and taking a nap. Tyler never seems to run out of energy and is now playing lego star wars on the Wii. We are about to play RockBand and on a side note I got 100% on the vocals(expert level) for "You Oughta Know". It's just killing Drew that I'm better at this then he is :)