Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow Day!

The morning started off with rain, which turned into sleet, then turned into snow! I didn't think it would really stick but by the end of the day we had enough to make a decent snowman. I didn't get a picture of the snowman unfortunately, I will try to tomorrow if it hasn't melted already. Loralai called the snowman "my fwiend". The snow was good packing snow, perfect for a snowman but for a snowball fight it was pretty brutal. Drew belted me in the back of the head with a snowball (more like a block of ice) and I got Tyler to come to my side and we got him back pretty good. We made several hard snowballs and just threw them over and over at Drew, he ended up rolling down the hill on the side of the isn't that steep but it was definitely hilarious. During this time Loralai was talking to the snowman and giving it kisses. She did try and throw a few snowballs, but preferred talking to the snowman. We took a picture of us in front of my hyacinths which just bloomed and unfortunately will probably be dead tomorrow. That's Georgia, crazy weather....I never thought it would snow so late! We had so much fun, so it was worth a few dead hyacinths!