Friday, October 31, 2008

Tyler's Halloween "Hoedown"

For Tyler's kindergarten class the halloween party was a farm theme. We had four stations set up for the kids: crafts (decorating little pumpkins and face painting), games (bean bag toss, ring throw), biscuits and make your own butter out of cream was the third station, and the last station was a farmers breakfast (eggs and bacon - one of the parents cooked for the kids and the kids could special order their eggs). It went really well, and pretty smooth. There were a lot of moms and one dad made it to help! I thought I was going to be at the butter station, but I ended up being at the crafts station and I also did the face painting. So the face art work was pretty basic to say the least.

Tyler's face painting request: a black widow spider (this has become a recent obsession of his, poisonous insects)
Tyler and his group eating a farmer's breakfast with is wonderful, fabulous teacher, Mrs. Hobgood.

They could wear their costumes today if they wanted to, he is a knight but we had to leave the mask at home.

Tyler's pumpkin after he added the decoration.
Decorating pumpkins, eating candy corn, painting, saying cheese for the millionth time...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

More pictures from Washington Farms...

Here are some more pictures from Washington Farms. Below are a couple of pics from the corn pit.

Loralai is laying down like she saw Tyler do earlier. She wants him to bury her legs in the corn.

Tyler in his cow for the cow train ride.

Loralai and I in our cow car during the cow train ride.

Washington Farms

This Saturday we went to Washington Farms with some families from church. There was tons of activities for the kids to do like a petting zoo, bike races, duck races, pig races, corn maze, pumpkin patch, and a pit filled with corn the kids could play in like sand. That was actually Tyler and Loralai's favorite, the corn pit. Below are some pictures from our afternoon.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Thomas Jefferson

Drew and I were watching a clip from David Letterman on you tube tonight. It was the show that had John McCain as a guest. Tyler was watching it with us and he asked, "Is that Thomas Jefferson?" I told him it was John McCain. He said, "Oh, I thought this was the re-run with Thomas Jefferson, that was a good one."

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Drew and I were able to see Wicked Thursday night. I have been wanting to see this show for years, and we were finally able to do it. It came to Dallas after we moved, then it never came to Indianapolis, but now we are in Atlanta and we saw it on its second night. We went with our friends Mike and Cheryl and had such a good time. The crowd was great too, they were really into it, so it was a good night to go. Cheryl told me the theater that we were in (Fox Theater) was where Gone With the Wind premiered years even better! It is the nicest theater I have ever been in. I bought a shirt for me that says "Green for Good" and one for Loralai that says, "Green Babies Rule". They were way too expensive, but I had to splurge just this once. It was a fun night, I'm glad we got to do it!

Friday, October 10, 2008