Monday, September 29, 2008

How Old Is God?

I feel like we have been so busy lately...we are always getting ready to go somewhere or do something. Tyler has been riding the bus home from school for the past two weeks now. I still take him in the mornings (he has granted me that request) but I wait for him outside our house. I made the mistake of walking to the bus stop to meet him with cookies his first day off the bus and he was so embarassed. So now I have been ordered to stay at the house and he will walk to me. The bus stop is only four houses down from ours, so I can still see him get off the bus. Loralai is usually taking her nap during this time, but wakes up shortly after Tyler walks into the house.

Today when he got off the bus he had a question ready for me. Tyler asked me, "How old is God?". I said, "Were y'all talking about this on the bus?". Tyler says, "No, I've just been thinking about it for awhile now, is he like the biggest number ever?" I thought about it before I answered and then I said, "Okay Tyler, my answer might seem confusing. If it is, just tell me and I'll think of a way to explain it better. You know how you have a birthday? That is how we know how many years you are. God doesn't have a birthday. The reason he doesn't is because he has always existed. God IS the beginning, the middle, and the end. I know this must sound so confusing, do you need me to explain it differently?". He just sighed really big and sat down on the couch and put his face in his hands. I started worrying that he was really overwhelmed by this information so I asked, "Oh, Tyler, what's the matter? Tell me what is upsetting you." He said, "I just wish we had Kung Fu Panda. If we did I'd watch it everyday!". Then he hopped up and started doing karate. I think I lost him when I said, "Okay Tyler, my answer might seem confusing."

Monday, September 8, 2008


Tyler just played in his first soccer game this past week and said he had fun. The picture above was taken at his first practice. Most of the time was spent just trying to get through to the kids that their hands are not supposed to touch the ball.
Loralai watched from the sidelines and ate ice to keep busy. She kicked the ball some on the sidelines, but mostly just watched and emptied my purse over and over again.
This is Tyler at his first game. They are a little confused because we were telling them to get in there and get the ball from the other team. The first years of their life are spent telling them not to take things from other kids, now we are telling them to not only take the ball, but use your feet and not your hands and kick it away from the other team. Each team plays only three kids so that there isn't too much confusion on the field, so only six kids total on the field. Tyler scored a goal at his first game, he was pretty excited once he realized what he had done. The kids were pretty confused the whole time, it was funny to watch. Tyler loves drama, so he fell down about twenty times during the game, rolling around on the ground. There would be no kids around or ball, he'd be running and then just fall and then stand up and shake his head and say, "Whew!". Then he'd look out at the parents and see me and drew and smile big, like he had been caught faking.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Just a day in the life

This is Tyler's swim class (he's the white kid on the right). His classes are over now, but as usual I'm late posting them. He was able to hold his breath under water for about 10 seconds and float on his back.
He is starting soccer now, which he asked to do. He always wants to be doing something, we don't make's his choice! When I was five all I wanted to do was play and watch TV, but Tyler likes to keep active, so that's good.

This is how Loralai likes to sleep for naps...face down with her head inbetween two pillows.
Loralai loves dressing up now, always has something for dress up. If she doesn't have her dress up clothes on, she is never without a purse, phone, and baby. I took her to storytime at the library today and she had a good time. It took a little bit for her to pay attention, she was much too interested in taking all of the contents out of my purse, which is starting to drive me crazy. I now have to only take what I absolutely need wherever I go and leave the purse at home, because she is becoming obsessive over my purse and I'm losing patience. Loralai has also started fake burping. She will drink milk, then make a burping sound and cover her mouth and giggle. I can tell it's fake, but she thinks it's hilarious. It is pretty funny, today at the library she was doing it, but it is becoming more of a habit. She just takes a drink from her sippy cup and then fake burps and goes on about her business. Like it is just something everyone does when they are done drinking.