Sunday, June 22, 2008

Back from Texas

We just spent 2 1/2 weeks in Texas so Drew could begin the ACU Doctorate of Ministry program. We stayed at my parents house which is about 15 minutes from ACU's new Dallas campus. So the kids and I got to visit my family and we had a nice time. Tyler and Loralai call my parents "Nana and Papa" and this was the first visit where Loralai can say their name clearly. We spent a lot of time at the pool, mall, and mostly eating out. Tyler and Loralai love being in my parents backyard and would stay out there all day if I let them, the TX heat doesn't seem to bother them as much as it does me.

A funny thing happened on the way back to Georgia. The kids and I flew back while Drew drove. That way Drew could drive straight without having to stop at a hotel and we don't have to spend 12 hours in the car saying "12 hours left....11 hours and 45 min....11 hours and 43 min left...." Loralai is pretty happy and calm most of the time. She is almost always smiling and giggling but the plane ride back to Georgia was a little different from normal. The first hour of the plane ride was going pretty smooth. We had gone through all the items of her purse, her pretend make-up kit, her coloring books, her reading books, we fed and burped her baby doll and then that was everything. She was done and she wanted down. So I let her get down inbetween my feet and Tyler's feet just so she could stretch her legs for a minute. Then I realize she has grabbed something and doesn't want me to see this. I know this because she is waving bye to me. Then Tyler says, " Oh, no she has your lipstick" She is frantically opening my lipstick and trying to put it on her lips. She knows the difference from pretend and real, and she likes the real thing. She looks like a little clown now, but I don't really care....I don't see the harm right now being on a two hour plane ride, I just want to keep the peace for another hour. So I put the lipstick up, but she got it out again somehow, but this time to take a bite. So I reach my finger into her mouth and dig out the chunk of lipstick, her teeth are now the color of "nature's blush". She is ticked with me and starts shaking her hand at me like she is trying really hard to not hit me, then she bites by hand. Now she starts screaming because I spanked her hand when she bit. Up to this point, most people were unaware of our little disagreement, but now she is full blown screaming crying with tears. I stand up to take her to the bathroom and several passengers turn around and one lady literally says, " Oh dear God!" and puts a hand to her mouth. I reassure her that it is not blood, it is my lipstick and she ate it that is why it is in her mouth. I can't wipe the lipstick off, she won't let me and it must be the longest lasting lip color ever because it simply won't come off. The crying and dirty looks last for about another 30 minutes. During this time she has wiped lipstick all over herself and me. When the plane lands, I am trying to get out of there as fast as I can. The flight attendant said to me on my way out, "The funniest part about this flight was the woman who said , 'Oh dear God' when she saw your daughter". Tyler lightened up to mood too because when we walked into the airport from the plane Tyler yelled "Land!" and kissed the ground.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Baseball party

Baseball season is over and we had the end of the year party at Stevi B's pizza (similar to CiCi's). Drew and the team mom go together and Drew passed out trophys for all the kids and gave them all special awards. Tyler got the "Eye of the Tiger" award because he loves animals and he never took his eye off the ball. He was always so focused in the game. The team mom, Maureen, was absolutely wonderful. She had big buckets made up for all the kids with all kinds of fun baseball stuff like tatoos, cups, candy, necklaces (or, excuse me, CHAINS!), cards, magnets, paper, and a Texas Ranger penant with there names on it. Their team was the Texas Rangers. Tyler had so much fun, he was very sad when he realized the season was over.
This is Tyler and a few of his buddies on the team. The teams change every year, I guess that is a good thing to learn how to play with other kids, but it is sad too! Tyler will miss his very first team he played on. Tyler had a chance to play in the fall, but he has asked to play soccer instead and then baseball. I think Drew and I....and even Loralai had as much fun this season as Tyler did.