Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Back From Christmas Vacation

Look! It's a picture of me and Drew! This almost never happens, the last picture we had of us together was in October when we went to Wicked. Before that it was our wedding day I think. No, I'm sure there are some pictures in there. We just don't have many!
This picture was taken by my friend, Nancy, at her house on New Year's Eve. She is getting more into professional photography and has a real gift. She is taking our family pictures when we come to TX for a visit in June.

We got back from TX a little over a week ago. We had a wonderful time at with my family. I got to see a lot of movies with my brother and the kids had so much fun...especially playing in the backyard. Loralai and Tyler both love playing outside. On the flight back to Atlanta, Tyler said he wished Nana and Papa lived closer to us because, "They have fun all the time, they don't have to work they just play all day" I explained to him that they do in fact work, they just take time off when we come to visit. Tyler is back in school and we got his report card. He is exceeding kindergarten expectations in math! I am so proud of him, he is such a good boy and so smart. Loralai is really into musicals and about a month ago was addicted to "Grease". Now, she is obsessed with "Annie". She watches so intently and then she will stand up and try to sing and do the the dance moves along with the orphans on Annie. She will try and get Tyler to dance with her, but he has none of it. It usually ends with a fight, he is determined to get through life without singing and dancing.