Sunday, November 16, 2008

Loralai - 22 months

Loralai is growing so fast and in one and a half months she will turn two! I can't believe it, time is going by so fast. My little baby girl isn't going to be a baby much longer. I want to update the list of her favorite things, as this list seems to change monthly.


FOOD:If she had it her way, the world would be made of candy. Since we don't let her eat candy all the time, her favorite foods are ice cream, sour cream, ketchup, chocolate, and marshmallows. She really can't eat those foods all the time either, so her favorite REAL food is chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, bologna, applesauce, and avocados.

MUSIC: She LOVES the kids pop group Hi-5. She knows some of the words and tries to sing along with the music sometimes. They have choreographed dance moves and she even knows some of those. The group I would say is a mix between N-Sync and ABBA. She also loves ABBA and The Wiggles

MOVIES: The only movie she will watch all the way through is DUMBO. She loves this movie. She stands up during the scene where Dumbo's mom is being taken to solitary confinement and shouts, "NO, NO!!!" During the scene where Dumbo visits his mom in solitary and Dumbo's mom sings "Baby Mine", Loralai stands up with a doll and rocks the doll back and forth and sings along. Very cute!

TV: Spongebob Squarepants, The Wiggles, Elmo's World, and Veggie Tales, and most of all Hi-5. She laughs out loud during Spongebob, it's funny to see her mouth fall open and her little nose crinkle and a huge cackle come out!

BOOKS: She likes to read the nursery rhyme collection book. She also likes How Do I Love You?, From Head to Toe, and The Icky Sticky Frog.

WORDS: Favorite phrases: "One more" (pronounced "mun-mo") - said with her index finger up in the air. "Don't do that", "Me, me, mine", "Jewelry", "No, your Jewelry", "Shoes", "No, your shoes", "My Ta-ta (Tyler)", "Mommy, now!", "Please (peez) Da-da".

Friday, November 14, 2008

I can't get it out of my head!

Tyler since birth has always been a very curious little boy. He has a question about everything and is always thinking. A few days ago Tyler had been home from school for a couple of hours and he started asking me about God and how much God knows. Here is the conversation:

T: Does God know everything I do and say?

Me: Yes, God is all-powerful. He knows everything we are doing now and everything we are going to do. We make choices, but God knows what we are going to choose.

T: What if I change my mind?

Me: God knows that you changed your mind.

T: HAPPY!.....I thought that in my mind to say it, and shouted it....did God know that?

Me: Yes

T: HAP.....66!....Ha, ha...I tricked God! I thought to say HAPPY in my mind, then I stopped and said 66.

Me: Hate to break it to you Tyler, but God knew you were going to say that.

About an hour had gone by and Tyler went to his room to put a puzzle together. I was in the living room with Loralai. Tyler walked out and was really close to tears. His little voice was cracking, and this is the next conversation:

T: Mom, I have a bad thought in my head and I can't get it out.

Me: Oh, Tyler it's okay...that happens sometimes, what is it.

T: I can't get the word "idiot" out of my head and God knows.

Me: Tyler, that's okay, just don't call anyone that. It's okay, it will pop in your head sometimes but just don't say it.

T: Okay, because I was thinking how much of an idiot Loralai can be, but I won't tell her that.

Loralai was just sitting there playing with her dolls, I don't know where that came from!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween pictures

There aren't as many good pictures as I was hoping for, but we did get a few. The evening started off with me trying to hold Loralai down and put her witch costume on. She was not happy about it, normally she loves dressing up but for some reason she didn't want to dress up on Halloween night. I'm pretty sure part of that was because we wanted her to do it, it wasn't her idea.

Trying to get Loralai dressed, we turned around for a quick picture. She was't happy about that either!
Before we went trick or treating, we got a quick shot of the kids sitting on the curb. We just have to take what we can get since Loralai is at an age where sitting down doesn't last very long! She was ready to go!

This is the only picture I have of her with her hat almost on her head. She didn't want to wear the hat, but would sometimes put it over her head like this to show people where the hat was supposed to go but it never made it all the way to her head. She also had tights to go with the costume, but we made a deal that if she put the costume on, she wouldn't have to wear the tights. The socks and shoes didn't last all night either!

We went to the grocery store by our house because they had stuff for the kids to do. She is excited because she is about to decorate cookies. Drew is wearing a halloween tie, which is hilarious to me because he hates seasonal ties but Tyler begged him to wear it, so he did. Drew took it off after the grocery store.

Tyler is a scary knight. Their papa (my dad) bought the costumes for them this year when they were up visiting. We went to the grocery store, then the mall, and last our neighborhood for trick or treating. They got a lot of good candy, Tyler got a pack of candy cigarettes-which I didn't even know were still made. Tyler put the candy cigarette up to his mouth and said, "Gimme all your money and get out of town". I don't know where he got that, I guess he thinks that smokers like to steal money.