Monday, December 15, 2008

Loralai's 2nd Birthday

Eating some pizza before cake and presents.
I wanted Drew to smile because when he doesn't smile in pictures he looks mad! So he has a friendly wave for the camera too.

Loralai wanted to play the games, but didn't want to use her tokens, she wanted to save those. So she was happy to just pretend play. She spent most of her time in the toddler playground which doesn't cost anything.

Finishing up opening the gifts.

We celebrated Loralai's birthday a little early this year. Her actual birthday is December 29, but we wanted to have a party for her and her friend, Warrick, who is the same age as Loralai and in her class at church. We went to Chuck E. Cheese and just had a few close friends over to keep it small but enough to make it feel like a party. Loralai had an ice cream cake (chocolate and vanilla) since ice cream is one of her favorite foods right now. We made sure to NOT sit near the stage since the robot Chuck E. Cheese makes both Loralai and Warrick scream and cry. We sang "Happy Birthday" and Loralai knew to blow out her candle. She got some good gifts: a baby doll that you can change outfits and hair bows, big box of bath toys, tinkerbell dress up outfit, tea set, Dumbo stuffed animal, and two Hi-5 dance DVDs. I can't believe she is already two!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Some Thanksgiving Pictures

These are a few pictures taken over the Thanksgiving holiday. I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted to, so some of my cousins' kids didn't make it into the pictures. We had Thanksgiving with my parents, brother, aunt and uncle, and my cousins Lori and Kelly and their families. Below is Tyler on the tree swing at my aunt's house in Alabama.

Tyler is talking football with his cousin Drake in the picture below.
Loralai goes for a ride with another of my cousins children, Kasey.

This is a picture of Tyler and Tyler. Both five and one of my cousins kids. They got along really well and my Tyler is already asking when he can see them again.

When we got back home, we put the tree up the following day. It was chaotic at times, I just let the kids put the ornaments wherever they want to, and I did see a few toys in the tree, they also wanted to surround the tree with toys they already have like it was Christmas day.