Monday, October 12, 2009

Loralai's Prayer

Tonight at bedtime, I put both kids in Tyler's bed to talk about the best and worst parts of the day and then to say a prayer before they go to sleep. Loralai's best part of the day was: "Going to McDonald's and making caramel popcorn". Tyler's best part of the day was: "Going to McDonald's, making caramel popcorn, and playing XBOX football". For the worst part of the day, they both said, "I was tired this morning when I got out of bed", that sounds really awful.

I asked who wanted to say the prayer tonight, and Loralai said she wanted to. This was Loralai's first time to say the prayer, she usually prefers Tyler, me, or Drew to say it. This was Loralai's prayer:

"Dear God,

Thanks for my Tyler and my mommy and daddy. Thanks for the moon and stars and milky way. Thanks for all the planets and grass and trees. I like to hear the birds and see them fly in the sky. When my tummy growls I like the food I eat. I like to play outside and sing. I love Jesus and I'm glad he is in my heart to hug me. Thank you for my friends everywhere. Jesus name, Amen"

It was so sweet and honest, I just loved her sweet little prayer!

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Mandy said...

What a sweet prayer! I am so glad I wrote some of the boys' prayers so I could remember them. I love going back and reading them.