Thursday, April 16, 2009

Naked Lady

I am recording this story because it is so funny and I don't want to forget it. When we ask Tyler about his day we usually get the response of "Fine" or "I don't know". Occasionally Tyler will just start to talk and tell us stories and when he does Drew and I really listen since he normally doesn't give us a lot of information on his day at school. This was two nights ago, we just finished supper and were sitting in the living room and Tyler just started talking, without stopping to take a break. Here's how his story went:


"Today on the bus home from school I was talking to my friend...he's in like 2nd or 3rd grade I don't know, and he went to a beach over spring break in another country. Like Mexico or Canada or something. He said he was in the pool and there was a naked lady in the pool. He said she was a mom lady with real boobs, not flat ones. He said he kept following her and his dad would tell him to leave her alone and stay with him. He said she fell asleep in the pool and was just floating around and when his dad wasn't looking he swam over and touched her head. (ha, ha he is laughing pretty hard now). He said he tried to touch her back but she woke up and he swam away really quick."

(speechless, turned around trying to keep it together but laughing)

(speechless as well, but unable to hide it my mouth is open and my eyes have that stunned glazed look)

"What? It's okay mom, it wasn't like a real girl she was a mom lady. When we go to the beach this summer will there be any naked ladies there? I mean mom naked ladies?"

At this point I explained a few things to Tyler with Drew's help, but I won't get into that. I can't wait to tell him this story when he's married to a mom lady.


Nancy said...

quite possibly one of my favorite Tyler stories EVER !!!

Andrea said...
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Andrea said...

HA HA! This is hilarious...almost as funny as the "hotdog" in the front yard while living in Indy!!! :-)