Friday, August 7, 2009

Tybee Island

We just returned from our first vacation as a family to a beach. Tyler had been asking for a couple of years now to go see a beach, so naturally Loralai had started chiming in as well. So we decided Tybee Island was a good choice since it is only 5 hours from Atlanta and is known to be a family friendly destination. It was a quick trip, just Monday-Wednesday, but perfect for our first time visiting the island. We arrived Monday around 2 pm and right after checking into our hotel we put our swimsuits on and started walking to the beach. The hotel was really close, just about a block from the beach so it wasn't a long walk. We played for about 30 minutes and then we heard a loud thunder boom and saw lightning...then it started pouring down rain. We gathered everything up, then ran back to the hotel. It ended up raining the entire night, flash flood warnings and all. So plan B: we asked the hotel attendant where the best seafood place was and she told us about a place called The Crab Shack. We loaded up in the van, drove slowly, and arrived at The Crab Shack. It was wonderful, we had shrimp, crab cakes, sausauge, potatoes. And my favorite part of the restaurant was that the center of the table had a whole cut out with a trash can below so you could clean up after yourself....very handy when two very messy children are peeling shrimp! Our waiter let us know that had the weather not been so bad, we probably wouldn't have been able to get a table due to how busy they usually are in good weather. We wouldn't have waited.

The next day, the sun was out and no rain in site. We woke up early, spent a few hours at the beach. Buried Tyler in the sand, then Loralai, and finally Drew....I then read a book. Ha, ha yeah right, but I did bury everyone in the sand (legs only, I was a little paranoid about doing more than that). We played frisbee on the beach, turns out Tyler is pretty good at throwing and catching the frisbee. Loralai loved building sand castles and sitting at the shore letting the water come up to her little feet. Tyler loved crashing and riding the waves with me and Drew. He also loved co
llecting shells and Loralai loved throwing them back into the water when he wasn't looking. Then we went to the hotel pool to "clean off", had lunch, then back to the beach. We are definitely beach bums, I love just hanging out around the water and sand. We ate at a local pizza joint that was really good and had homemade ice cream that to me tasted like Edy's, but that's okay. Our final day was spent at the beach and pool again, then home. It was a nice, relaxing vacation. I enjoyed not having any plans, just hanging out was nice.

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Mandy said...

Sounds like we were both at the beach last week. Glad y'all had a great time--it's so fun to take kids to the beach for the first time. The kids are so cute!